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Hi Everybody


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Apr 2, 2009
good to hear that--

My neighbor shines his 50mW green pointer at wild life and stray cats etc all the time and he too asked me f they cant see it as racoons opossums etc just stare back--

for sure they dont feel any pain nor do we- we DO see 'floaters' and afterimages etc but until an eye doctor looks inside we dont often know we have a burn on our retinas-

our brain 'fills in' the missing parts just like it does for the blind spot we all have in each eye--

We have a lot of pet and animal lovers here and tend to be very protective.

The animals have no voice so its up to us the take care of them.

none of my very many pets ever lied to me or tried to deceive-never stole from me- not true of some people in my life..

Having been a zookeeper and a pet shop boy--lol-- I have had a LOT of strange pets.

best wishes Hak