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Hello! New guy from Minnesota


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Mar 28, 2013
Hey all. Great forum you have here!

Here's the deal....I want to get into some higher power lasers! I currently use a green one at work to point things out to my crew. It runs on a single cr123. I think it's pretty f-ing cool! I ordered a blue 2AAA one off eBay (got the suggestion on this forum. It's one of those osram ones) and safety glasses from Survival Laser. I've been lurking here for a few days now and am really itching to pull the trigger on a nice 100mW-2W 445nm handheld. Not sure if I should go big right away or work my way up! And yes I am well aware of the dangers and intend to be safe! I own and carry guns daily and intend to apply the same rules to a laser.

As far as what I am going to use it for, I have no real idea. Lasers are just so fricking cool and I'm kind of a gadget guy. I have several higher end flashlights (more than 10), iPhones, iPads, GPS's , guns, knives etc. I like to collect high quality things. (My kids are going to make out pretty good when I go!) I have a feeling I will end up with several lasers in various colors and powers. I think I would eventually like to build my own but for now I'll just buy. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to share them!

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Feb 27, 2011
Welcome to the forum!

If you already have safety glasses and have read the safety material then there is not much to worry about, I got a pocket size 1W 445nm laser soon after joining the forums and I still have it. It's one of my favourite lasers!
You can also DIY a higher power 445nm laser with a C6 JAD (Just Add Diode) kit from Mohgasm. They are very easy to assemble and a great build to start out with.

Most of us don't have a real purpose for our lasers, most are here just because they enjoy the colours and the beams. :)


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Apr 2, 2009
WELCOME-- pretty good intro--

when narrrowing done the companies be sure to give JETLASERS.org a good looking over- I am very baised as I have been doing group buys for JL and they have never failed to make my buyers happy- these are pro grade handhelds and you will easily find cheaper but none better nor better customer service before- during and long after the sale is complete.

We have had a lot of returning buyers and that alone will tell you a lot.

So whether its the uniqueTi-B Titanium greens at 100 and 150 mW or the big guns.. the PL-E line JL will be a good choice. Read the reviews and check out the photos--

The biggest bang for your buck may be the PL-E blue 445s at 1W to 1.5 W- starting at just $299. We even started a Social Group here at LPF just for present- past and future JL owners- It still somewhat new but already has quite a few members. If you do decide to get a JL Laser please get with me so I can give you the special forum pricing.

another good choice is the lasers sold and often made here by trusted members-

For offers to you, just place a Want To Buy (WTB) thread in the buy/sell section and members will let you know what is available. don't go by just the output as that is just a small part of getting the laser you will be happy with.

A bargain laser that craps out on you was no bargain-- the best come with a warranty like JL's 1 year- JL also pays for the shipping should you need a fix-- that is very rare in this business and makes JL send only the very best-- while many companies that make you pay for not only the shipping back for repair but also the returning shipping to you do not seem to care as much about the buyers.

When dealing with a member be sure to search their name- check their rep at their personal profile and look for reviews.. to do this properly its best to take your time.

Hasty or impulse buys can be a mistake. We see this TOO many times here- the buyers post a question about a laser that they have already ordered and paid for- so in some cases all we can do for them is wish them good luck..

Many companies (most based in China) count on their buyer not owning a laser power meter(LPM) and judging the output other ways is not very accurate. The better companies always mark their products as a lower power than it is.(overspec) This is done so later down the road when your laser no longer outputs as much, it will still be close to spec.

I have never heard of any laser becoming more powerful with age..

I like lasers that use the very common and quite reliable Li-Ion 18650 battery- we get these at a low price because they are used a lot for all kinds of appilcations- Almost all of the slightly older laptop PCs have a battery pack which contains (usually six) 18650s.

Lasers using primary cells (non- rechargeable) will cost you a LOT more in the long run.

When buying a green laser try to choose one that has a good IR filter and also lasers with reverse polarity protection are more desireable.( w/o it takes just one time forgetting which way the batt goes to kill your laser.) Most take the battery with the positive end towards the tailcap, but not all.

One way to keep more in your wallet is to buy a kit and build your own laser- these can be as easy as soldering just two places and putting the parts together and you are done.
The easiset kits are JADs ( Just add diode) and then the JADD Just add diode and driver.

LPF is blessed with dozens of great members who build and sell to support their laser habit.- so just ask around before you pay your money. if the buyer has a high post and rep count and many friends on their list you will be likely be much better off.

so 'when in doubt, check them out'

nice to have you here- there are many fine members in your area- and that is always a good thing.

welcome--- Hak
Jun 26, 2012
Welcome to the forums! As Hak mentioned above, Jet lasers have a great reputation! I don't think I've come across anyone unsatisfied with a JL laser. Be sure to read all the rules/stickies and use the search button as much as possible!

Best of luck with your first high powered laser!