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Hello from the 420 state (aka Colorado)


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Apr 2, 2009
YEP Wicked offered them.. they are bunk IMO.. perhaps giving a false sense of safety, and thus being a bad idea..

and... when new members go for ONLY 2 W of blue to be safe(r) .
. Nobody can instantly have the instincts vets have around lasers--it comes from LOTS of lasering.
TBH except in the GAS LASER AREA or when someone is doing alignment you will see VERY little (trump 'LIDDLE' LOL) use of eyeware.. some are wearing them but not really using them very much. My first SELEM I had heard of the dislike of handhelds(&LPFers) at PL and had some dumb idea that I would do what I could to dispel that notion SO.. I had FEW pairs on me.. they help a lot up in the balcony where the beam show beams terminate (from as many as 20 PJs)-- a PLACE one would never be able to go (anywhere else).. I would peek between the bill of my ballcap and my eyeware..as finding a spot where no beams came seemed to be impossible.
And just hoped I would not harm my cameras.

btw we all sign away our right to sue anyone at SELEM before we can step inside the 3 venues at SELEM --even the janitor and night watchman signed!

BUT AFAIK... never a laser related injury at any of the SELEMs (10 or 11) DR Sam wrote me before accepting my offer to attend SELEM ' I hope there will be no drunks operating lasers there..' I thought...' Don't 'Driver' lasers when drinking'

ha ha