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Hand-Made Beam-Dump


New member
Jan 14, 2011
So I decided I would make a beam-dump. Really simple thing, I just noticed that, while taking AWESOME pictures of my new 12x blu-ray, I burnt a hole in my wooden window shade... whoops. So I realized I needed a beamdump.

So, with some PVC and some copper I worked with quite a while ago (was just starting to learn how to make heatsinks), I cobbled one together!

Anyway, here are some crappy pictures.

(Yes, I engraved it with my 12x :p )

So what makes this unique? What makes this special, at all?

What makes it special is the way I managed to blacken and absorb as much light as possible in the interior. First, I heated up the front end of that copper so that it would darken and go charcoal black. Next, I filled up the back-sealed tube with matches. I then went on to light them (the only way I could figure out was with, you guessed it, my 12x) and the charcoal produced from the smoke and burning wood/match heads essentially blacked the bottom half of the interior, including the back (the copper end). It absorbs light extraordinarily well and essentially none gets reflected out.

Anyway, so there you guys have it. A crappy but DIY beam-dump.