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  • Hey i just read an old post of yours explaining the reason why we see the laser beam in a dark night. How it isn't mainly due to hitting dust or larger particulates, but due to the scattering of light off the air molecules.

    It's faily easy to see why the beam is most visible directly tangent to its path, but you mentioned it would also be highly visible exactly normal to the path? To me this is much less intuitive. Could you pleasseeee explain why the scattered light prefers the normal direction more than any other non-parallel path? Thank you! Means a lot to me!!
    I bought some blitzlinears from Anthot and he mentioned you would have any documentation about these. (datasheet, etc.) Would you mind sending me any info you have to rtolar@tracking-point.com?


    I'm a new forum member but not new to electronics. I was told by Cliff? at Cajunlasers that you make the 3W. Buck driver. He said I might beable to get one or two from you? But he also thinks you would rather deal with his store, which is understandable. I'm just an impatient guy. Also looking for a Flexmod P3. Let me know please. Thank you. By the way, where are you located. I'm in central Wisconsin.
    Can you send me an email to austinheath1989@hotmail.com. i have seen your laser builds on the forum and I am very interested in getting a laser from you.
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