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Goggles from laserpointerstore safe?

Apr 2, 2009
A few suggestions--IMHO there will be less confusion if , when we refer to eyeware, instead of the color of the glasses/goggles, we instead use the lasers they protect us from... Eagles that protect us from RG & B (wavelengths NOT 'colors') are NOT 'grey' glasses.... they are RG&B glasses. I have seen threads with--'where is a good place to buy red laser glasses WHEN they wanted glasses that protect us from red lasers. RGB glasses protect from ~400 to 700nm--it is found on the frame of the glasses-- ones with NO nm numbers are very likely of poor quality.

The very best are NOT cheap-- some costing >150$usd.

also.... the correct way to refer to powers is... 10 mW not 10mw unless you are referring to 10 micro Watts which IS 10mw. S0.... correct if the laser is 10W- that is the same 10,000 mW etc. AND 10MW is 10 megawatt (no 's' after W or w) OR 100,000mW

These are not suggestions-- but are the only correct way and it DOES make a difference. No vet here makes these errors. (except as typos)
I cannot understand why anyone would buy anything from laserpointerstore-(read the reviews!)- LPF accepts fees for ad space-- this does NOT mean that 'we' necessarily endorse them-- do some searches and you will read about poor 'everything' from LPS.. instead try to buy from trusted forum members.

One way to find an item you want is to place a WTB (want to buy) in our BST section-- a good question to ask if you do not find what you need-- you might get just a suggestion of another member who may help OR directly from the member once they read your WTB.

hope this helps--hak

ps let me know if I made any typos--lol