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FREE Copy Machines lasers/optics. (pics in thread)


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Oct 20, 2007
Re: FREE Copy Machines lasers/optics. (pics in thr

bschott said:
[quote author=CRFultz link=1240866321/20#22 date=1241086249]Man I've looking for some of those mirrors. I'll take a box full and "donate" money to your paypal account. PM me a ideal for shipping to Longview Texas 75604 and I'll transfer some funds to cover shipping plus the donation dollars. I'm looking for any mirrors on a array type mount or mirrors from a scanner.



Tell you what, I've go six machines currently being scrapped in the next couple weeks.  Now are you looking for the long mirrors from the scanning assy or are you looking for the polygon mirrors?  I have some of both.  No one else is interested in the scanning assy mirrors but I've only got 4 polygon mirrors/motors that are not spoken for.  You pick the shipper and when I get all these pulled apart and packaged, I'll tell you the weight and we can go from there.  You should have these all by Mid-May if that is ok :)[/quote]

Shipper would be whomever is conveniant to you. I'm primarly loking for the polygon mirror assy's for a project of mine. But I'll take the scanner mirrors as well. When you get them pulled just give me a ideal on the package weight and size and where there coming from and I'll xfer the funds. Mid may works for me. I'll PM you my address when I hear back from you, Thanks