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Canadian restrictions on portable lasers (Official info release from Laserglow)


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Feb 27, 2011
Here is the reply I got from Health Canada regarding OEM components and laser "kits"

Health Canada’s Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection Bureau (CCRPB) is responsible for the regulation of radiation emitting devices under the Radiation Emitting Devices (RED) Act. Anyone who chooses to modify and sell a radiation emitting device is also subject to the RED Act.

As per Section 2 of the RED Act respecting definitions,

2. In this Act,
"radiation emitting device" means
(a) any device that is capable of producing and emitting radiation, and
(b) any component of or accessory to a device described in paragraph (a).

Although there are no specific regulations regarding OEM components for portable lasers, these products fall under the definition of a radiation emitting device and must therefore meet the general provisions, Sections 4 and 5 of the RED Act respecting prohibition and deception:

4. Except as authorized by regulations made under paragraph 13(1)(c), no person shall sell, lease or import into Canada a radiation emitting device if the device
(a) does not comply with the standards, if any, prescribed under paragraph 13(1)(b) and applicable thereto; or
(b) creates a risk to any person of genetic or personal injury, impairment of health or death from radiation by reason of the fact that it
(i) does not perform according to the performance characteristics claimed for it,
(ii) does not accomplish its claimed purpose, or
(iii) emits radiation that is not necessary in order for it to accomplish its claimed purpose.

5. (1) No person shall label, package or advertise a radiation emitting device in a manner that is false, misleading or deceptive or is likely to create an erroneous impression regarding its design, construction, performance, intended use, character, value, composition, merit or safety.
(2) Subsection (1) applies only in relation to representations relating to the emission of radiation.
(3) No person shall fail to comply with the regulations respecting the labelling, packaging or advertising of radiation emitting devices.

CCRPB does not provide pre-market assessment (i.e. testing) or certification of compliance for these products. Under the RED Act, it is incumbent upon the manufacturer, importer or distributor to ensure that their product complies with applicable requirements prior to sale, lease or import into Canada.


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Jul 5, 2012
I recently ordered an Arctic spyder 3 from wicked lasers...I live in Tornto Canada, do you guys think it will make it past customs or not? (I got exspress shipping if that changes anything)


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Mar 16, 2012
I asked a similar question a couple of months ago. It's really quite a gamble with the customs but I hope you get it. Good luck.


Jan 27, 2013
Some situations that I came across, bought a 300mW or so green laser, it came to me without a label, the label was hidden under the foam in the case, seller told me to put it on myself.
Bought 1W blue laser, in aluminum case with glasses and charger, didn't really make it to me, told seller, he/she sent another one using DHL, I got it in a week no customs charge or anything. Then the original one I bought got to me 3 months later, with a letter from health canada stating this item got redirected to Ottawa or something then to me. However the diode was punctured and the laser did not work. I didn't know what happened, they did not confiscate it, but health canada people might have damaged it and sent it to me. Also I called in and customs officer is like they are not illegal to own just can't buy and sell, (like a gun is illegal to own without a license). To me it seems like this law is just there so that these lasers are not abused, people like on this forum, who can take the effort to make one or get a hold of one, are probably more intellectual than those who carelessly buy on chinese websites just to fool around.