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C6 rgb

Marco Polo

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Nov 2, 2012
It's been a while since I've taken any pictures, and I wanted to run my recently-assembled C6 lasers for an extended period (10+ minutes) to see how much heat they put off. The green and blue did get warm after that amount of time, but not that warm. I wouldn't even call it lukewarm. Heat transfer to the host is apparently OK.

These are my three C6 lasers so far, we have 638nm, 520nm, and 450nm. I have a fourth host standing by and 650nm diode and driver in the mail from DTR, which might arrive today if USPS hurries up. I'm going to be building at least 6 of these in total. Fifth up will be 405nm, probably that new BDR-209 taking 600mA. Lastly, I'll do a 532nm DPSS, which ought to be a more involved challenge since I want it to fit into the same host and heatsink as the others. We'll see. If it goes according to plan I'll be able to do some nice RRGGBV shots out in the woods at some point. All of these lasers use the G1/G2 lenses. The 638nm uses the 650-G1 from Jayrob, and the 650nm will use it as well.

Really wish I had a yellow in there though. I know IsaacT has one that he'll be forced to send into hiding once his girlfriend finds out how much he paid for it, so I'll wait. I'll be happy to hang onto it (and take pictures) when that time comes, it won't be any trouble at all. Happy to help! ;)

For the moment, all I've got are these three. The pictures aren't terribly creative, laser hosts clamped to the lab stand and some beam shots from different angles, but I think they look pretty good. I'm definitely eager to get all six on there and see what can be done.

#1 - Front end and beams. Copper heatsinks and standard AixiZ focusing knobs.

#2 - Looking up from below:

#3 - I had doubts about this one when I took it, but I like how it turned out.

#4 - Front end and beams again. I'm not shaking the camera; you can see the blue laser's beam artifacts in the smoke.

#5 - Focus-fire on the door...

#6 - ...and on the red cabinet.

I really like the C6 host for its compactness and its clean, no-nonsense appearance. Big flashy hosts just don't interest me at all. I was only halfway kidding about the yellow laser; besides filling in the gap between red and green, the PGL-III-M host is one of the nicest I've seen, and would fit perfectly alongside the C6's.

The tags with the numbers tell me what laser it is. It's just the wavelength in nanometers. The C6's all look the same so I need some way to tell them apart. Could maybe use a better way of doing it because the tags like to get in the way of the power buttons sometimes, but it works and at any rate I don't recall seeing anyone else label their lasers in this manner. I feel like I need to get some proper wrist lanyards on them too, because I sometimes like to aim them into water and I'll be pissed if I drop one in.

Hopefully that 650nm arrives today. If so, I'll get a few pictures with it as well. More to come soon enough! :)
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Feb 21, 2013
Easy way to tell them apart is buy my custom anodized C6 hosts so the colors match ;)

They lool nice though, in all seriousness