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Oct 11, 2016
Do you recommend a certain foam to put in a small metal case I have. I was thinking about using the Pick N' Pluck, but I like what you have better Brucemir; the pink foam. Where did you get that and how did you cut it to fit, without going all the way through?

Aug 3, 2012
Hi Crazlaser,
I got the pink packing material from a trucking company I deal with. I was visiting their terminal and they had a very big supply of it. They were nice enough to give me 4 large pieces. I think they were 24"x24"x3" I do not know where they got it from though. When I did cut the pieces to my needs, I would cut all the way thru and if the smaller lasers and pens were too far down I would cut a piece say an inch high from the piece I had already cut out to fit the laser and put it on the bottom of the hole and the lasers would be the right height to my liking in the case.

My first case was a Pelican case which was expensive and really not worth it. I purchased my other cases (like Man I think) from Harbor Freight for 35 dollars a case, plus the foam I had to get. Those cases are perfect for my needs