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Blue Hulk 10w+ handle

Feb 25, 2010
HAHAHAHA....GOOD...You go first. !!! If it looks like crap....I will run away !!! HAHAHAHA The Alaskan does not care for a clear canopy. Too much light escaping to bring attention to the source. I understand. I luv clear canopy's....then again, I am a Show Off !! HAHAHAHA
SO....we want some artistic spin....with some light spill....I think the multi-hole idea will work.

I will try one....Maybe on the dual 405 I have planned !!

Thanx for backing the idea !! With that PBS cube in your dual blue...putting out some light....this would be an ideal candidate for the concept !

Hmmmm....What to name it....Hmmmm???? CHD....for....wait 4 it....." Cheese Head Design " HAHAHA....Later, CDB