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Another Arcane story


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Apr 28, 2015
In fact someone comment on this old post it pop out in my email so i told the thruth only the truth i havent bash anyone.
I never ever give ANY name i dont know lifeline or any of you he maybe be the best guy in the world it wont change the fact that i lost 450$ the first time plus 250$ the secont time for a total of 700$ usd since im in Canada with exchange i lost 930$ and i have noting but a brick and im cowardly and a child......do you get it. Oh i also bought 2 pair of safety 3od glass for 3 watt first time and upgrade to 6od for the 7 watt upgrade so another 150$......
Your kidding me:rolleyes: You didn't give any names but yet in the OP post right above your rant it's Lifetime17 holding pic's of your build:whistle:
I don't see any screen shot's of your discussion with Lifetime17 either, just your typing with the highlighted dates and just one of his with telling you it's LED'd.
The laser works and all this over a tail cap switch issue??
I get you losing all that money. $700 plus the exchange rate is a heck of a lot. I was also taken from Sci Fi but it was no where near that,
and there's many many more people who lost alot of money too.
The safety glasses money is another story and your bringing it up???, it seems you bought some great pairs and are for your only 2 eyes you have.. Doesn't matter if you bought a $5 ebay laser, you still need them..
:unsure:Your "still" blaming this forum for Sci Fi that had no clue about him at first but finally ran him off and still want to put blame on the one who wants to help you.
Switches have issue's at times and there's alot of threads about it. Usually they need to have the ring tightened down. Put your energy at fixing this issue as it's only a switch.
I don't know if it's a custom made switch but post a pic of it for help or maby get a replacement and you will have a working laser and be done..
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