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100W Bluelaser Super destructive power

Peter Zeboroff

New member
Jun 27, 2020

I have completed the second 100W blue laser.
This time, I am using a parallel connection and a 3S lipo battery.
That is not even remotely impressive. Why dont you make a real collimated 100 watt or more laser by making a proper small knife edge array using beam splitters and combiners that would combine all those seperate beams into a proper thin but very high powerful beam that you could actually shoot some distance. What you have hear has already been done many times and requires almost no skill but why not make one hell of a powerful and compact knife edge array cannon and all the optics required would easily fit into that over sized tube. As far as I know,no one yet has done that and that would be a hell of an achievement,I would do it myself but I just dont have the money or the skills in making a compact knife edge array that would combine those multiple beams into a very tight beam and that would be something to show off.
Feb 12, 2016
I think that these NUBM3x MDP chips with so close beams are made for cutters and there is no way to find optics to correct the beams = decrease the divergence to the level a long range laser could be made. So people use them to focus and burn like I did too, and 100W well focused can melt trough thin stainless steel can what is already fine, no?
Another story with NUBM44 etc. The beams are well separated, so in 2018 I found the optics needed, got custom parts machined, and assembled a single (non portable) laser with pretty low divergence from a NUBM08 array here:

If you check my other posts back then, I started to do same thing with NUBM44 block but it is going slow due to some engineering problems which if you are scientist you know always arise when you do something totally new...