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    Just had to share this - Merry Christmas

    When you say Sinner is no longer active, you can still order SanWu from the site and it is reliable though, right? Gosh, I feel like a noob again - so much has changed. I still have a whole area set up for flowing SMD's back when I thought that a couple of us where going to make the next latest...
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    Just had to share this - Merry Christmas

    Thanks, I have been looking around at the forum. It looks a lot different. I notice no Lazeerer! That's a blow. Also it looks like everyone buys SanWu lasers and pretty much that is it these days? Where are the custom builds and all that ? I'm gonna have to upgrade and get me some of these...
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    Selling another set of Sanwu lasers :)

    Are these still for sale? Thanks!
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    Just had to share this - Merry Christmas

    Wouldn't you love to work with a laser like this one? I've been away from the forum for quite a while. I'm going to do some reading and probably going to grab something new for my collection. I have missed it a lot!
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    Wicked laser - laser dock

    I just got this email as well. Thought I would come here for some info. It is down to $199 for projector and dongle right now. That's tempting just to SEE what it's all about. I'm not real aware of indie gogo vs places like Kickstarter and gofundme. I assumed (perhaps wrongly) that indie gogo...
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    How come my eyes are hurting?

    I would recommend seeing a doctor if it feels like anything other than tiredness. Hopefully you can tell if it is normal dry eye and tiredness or not. Try visine, if that doesn't work I'd go to a doctor. It's your eyesight.
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    Yeah, I looked at DTR's shop and was wowed. Then I looked at when I was last active here and freaked out. Where does the time go? I still have an awful lot of now ancient junk laying around, lol. How on earth are you guys doing 7 watt drivers and such? And the costs haven't really...
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    I've been away for a while with other interests. Just was on eBay getting some home automation stuff and saw DTR-s. Store. OMG! Are you guys really doing 6w blues and 1 watt greens! I don't have time tonight, but looks like I'll be shopping here in a few weeks. Congrats to Lazeerer! I saw a...
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    Hey Hak, just been doing other things lately. I occasionally drop in, will need to update some...

    Hey Hak, just been doing other things lately. I occasionally drop in, will need to update some lasers soon. Been missing the hobby. I still have enough parts to put together a half dozen 2 watt blues, but I see that is considered old school nowadays. LOL
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    For Sale : Preowned 595mW 532nm Green Laser - CNI PGL-III-C Adjustable Focus - Mint C

    Re: FS : 532nm 500mw Green Laser - CNI PGL-III-C I would be interested if we can do something with shipping. How much is dhl? I don't trust hk post.
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    Apparently most lasers don't have polarity protection *SOLVED*

    Re: Apparently th Sci-Fi Lasers 501B doesn't have polarity protection Most of the lasers in my sig have died over the past two years. Many of them due to rev polarity problems. I suggest as soon as you get a laser, mark one side clearly. You THINK you will remember but a year later you have...
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    Focusing ring for aixiz modules/lenses

    That post is from 2012!
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    Skylaser DPL-700, 821mW 532nm green laser.

    Maybe they did a study and found out that not very many people actually use their goggles. Lol. On a serious note, you probably aren't using a laser like that indoors, so you may not be using goggles with it as much as a lower powered one.
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    !CLOSED!: THE "Skylaser" (laserBtB) groupbuy!

    Just FYI, thanks to everyone who helped round up my laser and get it to me. I received it Saturday and really like the pattern generating add-on. I am trying to disable the annoying aperture safety device that ends up closing at the wrong times. Otherwise, loving it. I haven't put it on a LPM...
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    !CLOSED!: THE "Skylaser" (laserBtB) groupbuy!

    Yes, Thanks to this kind gentleman and the efforts of Robin as well, my laser is finally on its way to me. Very nice, as he could have easily kept it. Nice to know there are still good people. I understand Kevin is paying him for shipping to me, but if not I will make sure he is repaid for...