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  • I bought the sf501b from you, it's incredible, I absolutely adore it, you give incredible customer service, I shall definitely be ordering from TheJoker301 again. Thank you
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    ado de marearse.
    Hemos estado navegando mar adentro para hacer un gran bordo. No me gusta estar cerca de la isla en una situación como esta, haciendo pequeños bordos. Prefiero hacerlo lejos y navega
    Just a few questions:
    1) Can I order an Arcane host?
    2) I assume the Arcane accepts the standard 12mmx30mm DTR module?
    3) Can we order with nickel plate like original Arcane?
    4) Can we order a host with keylock in tailcap?

    Thank you.
    Hi Eitan,
    I ordered my laser from sci-fi tonight and payed with my paypal. I ended up getting the blue 2-2.4w 445nm after all. Then I saw the stainless steel 635nm 900mW. I would like to buy that one as well. Could you combine the shipping to just one charge and ship them together? Also the coupon code you pm'd me earlier "beer" didn't work so could you apply the member discount for both lasers to the 635nm? What I could do is give you my paypal email addy and you can send me a payment request for the new charges.
    My paypal is jefftarinelli@gmail.com
    I will fund the request as soon as I recive it if this all works for you.
    Thanks again. I can't wait to get my new lasers! Ill be ordering more in the future Im guessing.
    WOW. EXCITED TO GET MY ARCANE 2 LASER. JUST ORDERED TODAY. Mr.Joker is the best. he have all the patience to deal with customer.
    Hey there!

    Just wondering the cost and time to ship to the US (San Francisco area) for either a 1W 445nm or a 100mW 532nm? I have a camping trip I'm going on during the 3rd week of July that I wanted to have for.

    Any help you be much appreciated!
    Hello! I'm brand new here on the forums and looking at buying a laser. I was originally going to buy a Wicked Lasers Arctic... and then I read the reviews. I wasn't impressed. So I got to poking around a bit more and discovered your lasers! Which, by all accounts, are fantastic.

    Thus, I'm more than likely about to buy a 445nm 2.4w SF501b laser from you. However, I am currently stationed on a US military base in Illinois. Do you foresee any problems with shipping the laser in question here?

    Hey Joker,

    I'm looking to buy a laser and after researching and almost committing to a purchase, I realized that I don't want to buy from a sketchy Chinese site ever again. I got burned once (pun intended) by O-Like and their "1W" 445nm laser, and I realized that I'd rather just buy from a forum member who's got an actual good reputation on here. Anyway, I'm thinking I'm going to order the SF501B 520nm 100mW Forest Green from you.

    I had a few simple questions about it though:

    You said on one of your recent posts that only the high powered lasers will have the G2 / G9 / G1 lens. Will the 520nm 70mW-100mW have this lens as well, or is it only featured on the 170mW-300mW version?

    Also, do you have any specs on the 520nm 100mW, such as the viewable distance and divergence? It's not crucial but helpful :)

    Hey, if you haven't yet shipped my order (which I don't think you have), read the message I am about to send you first. Thanks man. Would like to get an update on the status/progress of my order too. Any update is appreciated.
    Hey man. I just ordered one of your sf501b 2w-2.4w blue lasers on Friday. I was just wondering on the progress of when you think it may be shipped. I'm really excited to get my hands on it. I'm sorry if this is bothersome at all. Any response would be great.
    dear joker
    Tried to email you regarding
    Availability of 100mw greens
    my email is
    I'm in the uk
    Many thanks
    Hey I would like to take you up on the offer for the 100w green. How do I pay you and how long will it take to build?
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