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  • Hello,
    I was on LPF talking to N04H99 and he recommended your company. I was looking to purchase the 2.13 or 1.68 blue laser. He recommended purple instead. I am going to use it to engrave and inlay curly maple wood in the production of billiard cues. Can you build a purple laser that would work? And, how much? Yes, I will acquire the proper eye protection prior to use. I am 42, a former Paramedic, and Medical Examiner. Currently retired and make custom Billiard cues.
    I might have to get one of them 501 from you too :) with the fda crackdown im praying the sfcg gets here ! it seems I did everything wrong ordering from what I been reading I should have ordered with no charger and batteries and now they are on to lasers marked as "flashlights". might have to start sending them out as star trek toy or something? also are you getting anymore cheapo safety glasses in soon?
    I'm interested in your laser. Would you take your asking price, and throw in shipping? If so, I am interested. I'm in Minnesota, USA.

    Thanks. Oh, and yes, I'm over 18 with all of the proper safety equipment and experience.

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