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  • TY very much for the green rep- I am grateful with this considering who you are!!

    keep up the great things you do--+rep coming----hak
    well i have two of them and it just occurred to me to look and compare both to see if there is anything different as to how they could have gone in, just realized they have 2 totally different drivers, on one of them they had to use a glue to keep the driver to the gold thing (heatsink, still learning :D), but ya they definitely pressed it in from the front because on one i can see where the gold paint is scratched off where a press would have been applied, now im wondering if i could press it all the way out the back because both holes are the same size :O
    hey!@, well i was just thinking about upgrading my 1000mw* waterproof blue laser from dinodirect and was wondering if you've ever attempted to remove the diode/drive from the housing?
    Thanks :) You won't regret it. Its an awesome well built unit and you will enjoy it for sure. I'm glad to hear my hard work reviewing the unit got a few more people a chance to enjoy it. I can't wait to take some of the more advanced features for a test drive.
    Just to tell you that your reviews are awesome, well documented and very fun to read. Giving you rep will only lead to an insignificant change in your rep count.
    Awesome review of the Arctic!
    As you have reviewed many lights, I was wondering if you have ever seen a flashlight powered by four 18650 batteries, I am frying to find one to make a laser host from
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