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    Thanks for the friend request. I'm hardly here anymore (last time was July 2010), but I...

    Thanks for the friend request. I'm hardly here anymore (last time was July 2010), but I appreciate it! I hope this place is still fun and you enjoy it! Perhaps I should begin visiting the forum again on weekends. Regards-
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    Optotronics 150mw pen laser... beam skattering/broken??

    I too call BS, and "sir leal" is way off base. What a load of crap. My own experience with Jack has been nothing but awesome. I dropped my blue RPL and sent it to Jack for repair, fully expecting to pay for whatever it took, or buy a replacement. Jack was able to fix it, and charged me a...
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    Desert newbie

    Welcome from another Phoenix member! That makes 3 of us, I think. :D Enjoy the forums!
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    coolest planet

    I vote for our home blue spaceship Earth, with its myriad of known life. If only it wasn't replete with so many idiot humans. :D 2nd place: Saturn 3rd place: Jupiter
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    Happy Easter !

    This is an image I did for Easter. It links to a large 1600x1200 version. Happy Easter!
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    The official Kenom donation thread

    I had no idea... Because I lost my job in February, I had just yesterday requested a refund on my LPM. I can only help by rescinding that request, and ask that you just forget about my LPM. You can clear me from your list of concerns, and keep the money. Best wishes,
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    Mowing grass redneck style!

    "Only in America does a man spend so much time, effort and money on a crop he cannot eat." (I don't remember where I first heard that.) I love our xeriscaping here in Arizona. Rocks and cacti! :D
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    Forum Time..????

    Another thing I love about Arizona. We don't do that nonsense. It's always DST here. :D
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    NEW Viasho Group buy #2 (Completed)

    Re: NEW Viasho Group buy #2 Thanks, they're awesome. :D Check the link in post #1. He does have a 20mW blue listed. $550.00.
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    NEW Viasho Group buy #2 (Completed)

    Re: NEW Viasho Group buy #2 Optotronics is hosting the GB, but these GB units are not RPLs. See --> http://laserpointerforums.com/f44/what-rpl-mean-48957.html
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    What is RPL mean?

    Wow, thanks for the kind feedback, and for looking!:thanks: No, I don't have one. I've thought about it too.
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    What is RPL mean?

    Of course, any portable (hand held) that uses rechargeable batteries could be called a "rechargeable portable laser". "RPL" is an Optotronics product line. The RPL starts out as a Viasho (OEM) unit, but has better components, undergoes testing and quality checks, and is even hand polished...
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    Pics or it didn't happen...

    Thanks all! It's what I love to do. I'm happy you like it. :thanks:
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    Pics or it didn't happen...

    Here is some new imagery for your amusement. Concept art and fantasy laser images As part of the ideas behind these concepts, I recall a science kit I had as a child with a small parabolic reflector. It had a small attachment with a holder at the end which, when it was pointed toward the...