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  • hello rkcstr...
    can you told me, how i can buy this Micro-Drive laser driver?
    actually i'm from MALAYSIA.
    Hey rkcstr! Greetings, my name is Leonardo. I was reading your post and really liked Sadie. How is she doing? I like cats a lot.
    You, being an experienced member, think that mod will go angry if I necropost on the thread, or I should open a new one? Thanks.
    BTW: You did a good work on your micro-driver. ;) Nice to meet you.
    hey rkcstr.. i got 6 AA batts. The 2 lots of 3 are in paralel and those lots are in series so i can get a long lasting 3.2volts.. i know it can produce more current but it will only produce wat the diode takes wright..like just a 150 mw bluray. and also. i tighened the pot.. but the same voltage it produced.. ill figure that out laser. but yeh thx man. im such a noob at lasers compared to every1 els.. but i hav an idea lol. still learninng
    Hello I am lloking for a 250 mw red laser diode driver. Do you have any available? and how much are they? I also may need a 250 mw diode as well. Thanks Tom
    Hey Ryan , long time no talk buddy. How is the studies going? I hope that your initial Dx and treatment plan is right on.
    Well enough medical talk. I live it and so will you.
    Maybe you can help me out im looking for a couple of PHR 803 modules with drivers . If you have any leads please let me know . Mike H Wolfram
    The voltage depends on your diode's voltage at the current you intend to run. For a PHR, I think they're typically slightly above 5V at somewhere around 100mA and you'll need >2.25V over that to input to the driver. So, two 3.7V rechargeable lithium batteries is typically sufficient. If you're going much above that, you may need to add a third battery or the current will start to drop as it goes below the minimum. It will continue to put out current below the minimum voltage, but it will drop off as the voltage gets lower.

    You won't be able to find rechargeable lithiums anywhere locally (unless some kind of specialty shop has them). But, there are some US places that sell the batteries. I think someone on here offers RCR123A... they just posted something the B/S/T forum about it.
    Actually, I just found one of your threads that specify how much I need, and it looks like I need a minimum of 7 volts. I wish I could just find the batteries I need locally :(
    I just bought one of your Micro-Drive V2 off of ModWorx's shop, and I was wondering if you knew off the top of your head how much total voltage it would take to power that driver and a phr diode, I need to see if the host I have can support the voltage I need to power both.
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