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    /take my money now meme
  2. Ricker

    Laser Diode suggestions

    g2 coated for green would be more than fine.
  3. Ricker

    Driver help

    Did DTR reimburse you? was the clipart on the same sales page of the driver you bought?
  4. Ricker

    Has anyone heard of this Company or seen these old pointers?

    Beautiful, piece! That was a good find, Wizard. Can't wait to see the careful disassembly.
  5. Ricker

    New 8W+ 470nm DEMON diode JLD470-8 🥶

    Beautiful pictures, Gryphon! Keep up the good work!
  6. Ricker


    Anything happen since? Thank you for your help, Mods!
  7. Ricker

    New Colossal UV Laser Diode - Nuvoton KLC432FL01WW - 3.3W 405nm and Beyond!

    That is a super-spre...burner event. Must wear your mas... laser safety glasses!
  8. Ricker

    PERMANENT THREAD: Ebay& other internet FINDS of interest- read all the OP please sub

    Basically like what alcohol does to our perception of ugly people. They appear beautiful, even though they are not.
  9. Ricker

    Nichia 65W RGB NUMM34T Laser Module

    I was thinking that's exactly what they are for. For 100% laser projector with all colors coming from a single laser source. How they manage that? I would love to take one apart and see for myself!
  10. Ricker

    Nichia 65W RGB NUMM34T Laser Module

    Anyone have rich enough blood to test out one of these? Laser Tree 65W RGB NUMM34T Not sure how practical it is, but it sure would be fun to wire up with separate drivers each containing potentiometers. I assume there is two rows of red to make each match the brightness to the human eye. As...
  11. Ricker

    Laser pointer tripod/holder

    Totally agree! Manfrotto Tripod with a smallrig super clamp is perfect! Threads wont strip either unlike some of those cheap plastic ones.
  12. Ricker

    WTB blue laser 445nm 7W

    I have a few for sale on my Ebay page. Check it out in my signature. :)
  13. Ricker

    NUBM34 Laser Blaster - 115+ Watts of Intense Blue Photons

    Wow! Another beast, very nice. But does it still articulate?
  14. Ricker

    Best Practice in purchasing NUBM31t or MLD's

    Check out this thread from Shmackitup (Barnett Unlimited.) He's very intuitive with the MLDs and made this badass cordless gun with a NUBM34! He's a great resource and member of the forums.