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    My Rainbow -- Post Pic's of Yours

    @farbe2 Very nice! Like you, I need to get a few of my lasers up and running and post an updated rainbow. I have a 475 and 570 that need hosts. I just haven't had time to do much work on the mill lately. @ZRaffleticket I've been thinking that it might be worth trying my old film camera for the...
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    2W 484nm Diode

    Cool! Is the diode designed for 2W output? I think this diode deserves some special optical correction... I've prototyped some miniature cylinder lens modules and just need some time to refine the design a bit. Currently it's optimized for the highly divergent 638 nm 1.2 W diodes but the design...
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    Does ambient light/pupil dilation affect laser eye damage?

    Here's a long-winded but hopefully somewhat thorough explanation: Pupil dilation is a factor that can impact how severe laser damage can be. Laser damage can occur due to direct and indirect exposure. Pupil diameter is relevant when the light you are exposed to is distributed across an area...
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    Need help with lens "binding" in module

    Are you using the spring in the module? I've found that sometimes they will scratch the surface of the copper and/or brass lens nut and produce small metal chips. There are ways to prevent this but I usually just omit the spring altogether.
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    Need help with lens "binding" in module

    Best thing to do is to avoid adjusting focus a lot. Copper is very soft and, since we don't apply lubricants to the inside of the module (for good reason), it's easy for the friction between the module and brass lens nut to cause galling. The friction may also cause little bits of metal to flake...
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    Need help finding a high quality laser

    @Sowee7 The goal of laser safety eyewear is not to completely block all light of the design wavelength(s). It is to block enough of the light that the laser is not hazardous to the wearer's vision. The optical density you need for a laser depends on the power of the laser. The true test of laser...
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    Haven't checked the math done by kecked but it seems about right. The power density at eye level will be a bit higher but even at 10x that power, it will still be below 1 mW/cm^2. So long as everyone is briefed on the dangers of lasers and can avoid direct exposure, it'll be fine. I'd imagine in...
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    Maximize Nubm44 or any diode beam concentration

    Anamorphic prisms can be used in pairs to reshape a laser beam. They work essentially by distorting the beam in one axis. The effect is that you can compress the beam on the fast-diverging axis so that the beam is no longer a line - rather it will resemble an ellipse or square. Cylindrical...
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    Howdy folks

    Welcome. It's nice to see my tutorial linked (thanks julian). A simple laser pen is a good place to start. There may also be some flashlight kits floating around somewhere but I don't know who would make them these days. Unfortunately this forum isn't as active as it once was so many of the...
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    Green laser pointer for full moon nights

    I can't speak to any good companies in Europe but I can comment on some other aspects of your post... 100 mW or more of green light should be bright enough for full moon nights. However, there is an inherent and unavoidable risk of injury at this power, so you will need to be careful about how...
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    my 589nm pointer is broken, please help

    A dead pump diode or any other cause of insufficient pump power could result in IR output only. A faulty switch, for example, could make a rattling sound and if the electrical contact is poor, result insufficient power to the diode (I've seen this with some cheap lasers I've repaired)...
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    my 589nm pointer is broken, please help

    Not necessarily. If the rattling is coming from the driver, like Sowee7 says, there may still be hope. Even if the crystals have come loose, realignment is possible.
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    my 589nm pointer is broken, please help

    Can you provide any more info that might help diagnose the problem? First thing to check is always the battery. I'm not sure what the rattling could be... I've taken one of these apart before and there isn't much that could come loose. Has this pointer been modified or subjected to physical...
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    battery cap for old pointer

    I do have a battery cap. It's a bit scratched up and I can't guarantee it's the right fit for your laser since there have been several versions of the black and gold CNI laser pens over the years. I bought mine more than 12 years ago and the battery cap is all I have left of it (parts ended up...
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    battery cap for old pointer

    I might have a spare cap. I'll check in the morning. Another option is to have a new one made from scratch by a machinist.