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Electronics, High Voltage, Tesla Coils, Guns, Lasers, Radioactivity
Edmonton, AB


405nm 75mW Wicked Lasers E2 Evolution
405nm 500mW S06J build
405nm 750mW S06J build
445nm 1W Aurora C6 custom build
445nm 825mW UltraFire A1 custom build
445nm 800mW Arctic Spyder III
445nm >2W M-140 Saik custom build
447nm 1W Spartan
520nm 180mW 501B
532nm 15mW laser pointer
532nm 75mW TTL Lab module
532nm 125mW Wicked Lasers E2
532nm 150mW Rayfoss
532nm 300mW Wicked Lasers Krypton
632.8nm 1mW Laserex HeNe handheld
633nm 3mW HeNe Siemens
635nm 200mW o-Like
638nm 560mW Mitsubishi in Aurora SH-034 custom build
650nm 120mW Warnlaser pointer
660nm 250mW Small Sun A33
660nm 265mW Rayfoss
RGB 200mW Labby
1064nm Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser ~ 10-50mJ output
10600nm 40W Co2 laser
LaserBee A 2watt LPM




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