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  • Podo, can the Challenger II be had with a smooth body host (Like the silver) ?
    Hello Zippersnapper, our silver laser(smooth housing) is basically the challenger II with smooth body if you remove one of its battery extension tube.
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    Someone tell me that you work for sanwulasers, i just claimed warranty for 7 watt blue striker, and i decide and tell them not to send me again blue laser, and then the send back red laser module and it is on shipping process, just wanna know what kind of red laser they have send to me
    Also want something thats going to hold up (longevity) as well as low divergence for the 405nm range.
    also to add to my previous message, want something thats going to hold up (longevity) for 405nm
    hi, I currently have a 2.78 W 455nm and looking for a 405nm. Im comparing multimode vs single mode divergence. Whats the brightest you have 405nm in single mode? Can you compare the divergence? (I know about beam expanders, but first looking at the laser you offer.) Marc
    I would like to buy one SPIKER 520 1w
    Is it possible to make a packing so it will look cheep and mark it 20USD?
    Hello Podo. I've read that you own Sanwu Lasers. I recently placed an order as a guest and I want to know if it can be registered to the user I registered shortly afterwards. Thanks.
    Hello Podo,
    I'm thinking of buying one of your sanwu pocket lasers and I was wondering if there are any coupons or discounts available. Thanks
    Hi Podo, which laser should be brighter? The green 304 or the 250mW 650nm pocket with G2 lens? I might buy both of them around Christmas. Also, does the Pocket come with a battery?
    hi Podo, i recently bought a challenger 2 used off ebay in 1w 405nm and the seller also included a 1w 650nm module. the 405 works great but the 650 has thread damage where the focusing ring attaches. just from looking at it i can see the previous owner filed down a bit of the copper heatsink for some reason too. im not really expecting much, but is there anything possible to repair the threads? the diode turns on and everything, but i just cant attach the lense
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