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  • On top of what hakzaw1 is explaining to you,
    you will need to understand how PMs work.
    DO NOT pm flood. IF you have a legitimate reason to pm then do so.
    asking questions that are easily searchable will earn you negative reputation points.

    btw, We CANNOT and WILL NOT sell any lasers to people who could be a liability.
    you need to do some reading before buying anything.
    plz fill out your personal proflie- cant help much If we dont know whereabouts you are- same with your birthday-- no offence meant.. selling completed lasers is not really 'legal' and its less legal when the buyer is a minor...I will have 5 to choose from on monday- two more plus the three I have already- prices vary with choices of switching- the ac/dc ability etc- if I dont have one that fits you can choose your options & I will have one built for you (after the china newyear break is over)

    watch for my post in the pro shop-- these are high end PGLs- too pricey for the average buyer. But cheaper the Optos..
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