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Lazooors, High Voltage :D


What I have to say first: Sorry for all mistakes I make. But I hope everyone understands my english, thank's :beer:
RGB Laser *click me HARD*
<1mW 337,1nm TEA-laser HOMEMADE!*click me HARD*
150mW 405nm RIP HOMEMADE!
500mW 405nm pen HOMEMADE!*click me HARD*
1000mW 445nm 3D Printed Host Build HOMEMADE! *click me HARD*
1000mW 447nm Dragonlasers Spartan
300mW 532nm Skylaser 517mW peak H532L-S300B skylaser
50mW 589nm Dragonlasers Spartan Variable Power Mod *click me HARD*

500mW 635nm HOMEMADE!*click me HARD*

My first tesla coil! : *click me HARD*
My first BIG one! : *click me HARDER*

Want to make a simple diffraction grating?



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