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  • No, I believe it was an Ultrafire WF-500. I bought 5 of them to make mace of doom kits. I have a new flashlight I'm using to make my Mace of Doom kits 2.0 which will probably be for sale in a month.
    Is that a Super Storm flashlight you have as your avatar pic? Curious to know what it is, because I own a super storm.
    I'll try to give you 2 weeks, but if someone else buys it, I'll just build another one for you. Sound good? I can set it at what ever current you want it at then.
    About $15 a pop. I hope to get the heatsinks machined out soon, but I've been getting behind lately. Hopefully I can get to it soon.
    Hey Mrc - how much did you end up paying for those?? post up some photos of your heatsink when you get them done-- Hakzaw mm<(*U*)>mm
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