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  • Hello mike , old purchaser here, you sold me my first 501 host, still have it to this day, I was wondering if you still make some affordable host or continue to make plug and burn 501 or similar, thanks for your time, hope to hear from you soon.
    I sent you an eemail with ssubject line Purchase Order. I really like to buy the host from you, and can pay today. Can u pplease read the email and rrespond to me?? Or just call me at 214-929-0714
    Bought a heat sink for 9mm Laser with an option of cooling fan on top..
    Ed really did a fantastic job and for a reasonable price! Great communication!
    Highly recommended seller..
    Bought a C11 host. I could point out 2 small flaws, but all in all it's a great host for good price. Also he answered lot of questions before buying. Recommended seller :)
    Hey Mrcrouse, i was after a kit you have for sale, just unsure how to buy from you so i was wondering if you could explain how i can purchase a kit of you and if you even have any left for sale.
    I want one of your black MRC tactical plug n play hosts for $90 shipped. Please get back to me as soon as possible
    hay mike i was wondering if i will get a tracking# with my order, if not by when do you think i will receive the host?
    is this host still available? I would like purchase it! I live in Nevada City, CA. Please let me know how to proceed.

    Price: $70 shipped

    Ascension Host:

    -Deep Finned, Tapered Heatsink
    -Conical Focus Knob
    -Polished Finish
    -Pill w/ Contact Board
    -Fits 2 x 18650 Batteries
    -Metal Tail Button
    -Custom Removable 5A Forward Clicky switch
    -Plug-n-burn (Just attached DTR module with driver to contact board and go)
    -Two-Tone Pearlescent Green and Polished Silver Anodizing (The pictures are a bit deceiving, it is more green than it appears)
    Hello Mrcrouse, I love your custom work and am interested in getting a complete working unit but am not sure how to go about it. A few points that may be of help:

    - ship to Houston, TX
    - 445nm (blue) 9mm diode
    - 2000 mW or greater
    - variable power and possibly some strobing options; focus-able
    - I prefer a low-key/understated look, matte black w/ copper heatsink looks great to me; the Copperhead made by another forum member is a good example of my style

    Suggestions and options are appreciated.

    Many thanks,
    Im just inquiring about your 501b heat sinks. I have been keeping an eye on your work and ive been meaning to make my own heat sinks. However it looks as though you know what your doing and your work looks great. I own 5 × ultrafire housings.

    Are you able to sell me 5 × heat sinks (only - separate to housing) with the contact boards and the knurled focus knob?

    What are the dimentions for the driver behind the contact board housing?

    If i was to have you redesign the standard 501b Heat sink, can you make it protrude a further 10mm out of the housing bezel?

    I understand the postage cost, are you able to post to Australia?

    If all is possible can you please send me a quote?

    my email is: elliotlindsay@hotmail.com

    Thanks heaps
    Dear Mrcrouse, I am looking to put my next laser in a 501B Host with a copper or aluminum heatsink and I heard you were the guy to get it from. How can I contact you? My email is matttram@cox.net

    thanks for the help,
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