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  • Hey there I am interested in your 2.8W CONUS. Please email to @Miggymoy@gmail.com I will try to check my messages on here more often a well. Looking for maybe3 or 4 if you have them.
    Hello I'm interested in purchasing a scortcher, the 5w+ model or do you have a stronger model in the works?
    Hey I am interested in one of your 3w lasers. If you could email me at rsteele11413@gmail.com or text me at 3072771716, I would really appreciate it.
    Hello, interested on your 3.5mW"The Scorcher" for $235 if I'm correct. But if you have anything with a higher wattage I would also be interested in that if it has a reasonable price.
    Hi I am interested in your 5w+ " The Scorcher " 450nm custom MX900 build, adjustable focus w/O-like G2 lens ( LPM ? )

    Hello Moe,
    My name is Jared Roessler and I work as a gaffer/lighting designer in the film industry in New York City. I have an upcoming shoot next week featuring some creative light painting on a remote beach at night and I think your Scorcher would be an ideal addition to the lighting tools I'll be using (I'll be firing an 18,000W HMI fixture over the beach and require some serious output to read on the sand). Do you have a unit available (or similar) to ship out today if I send you a Fedex label? You can email me directly at equipment@b2pro.com if you like. Please let me know ASAP, thank you.

    -Jared Roessler
    Any 445 in the works, for sale? Those scorcher looked great. Please pm if so. Thanks very much
    Hey there, looking to buy a custom laser as I'm a little fed up of getting disappointed with mainstream laser brands.

    Could you please let me know if you have any lasers for sale or any lasers in the process of being built that i could buy.

    Thanks for your time
    hey, i know im just some random person, but are you selling any of you lasers? and if so, which one is the cheapest, and what is the price?So uhh...:thanks:
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