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Marco Polo

Lasers, old gas engines
Ohio, USA


808nm : SkyLaser HL808 820mW
650nm : [C6] LPC-826 215mW - SkyLaser HL650 175mW - Radio Shack <5mW
638nm : Opnext HL63603TG 190mW - AtlasNova <5mW
632nm : Metrologic ML-868 <5mW - Uniphase 155ASL-1 HeNe 0.95mW
543nm : Melles-Griot 05-LGR-193-497 HeNe 2.4mW
532nm : SkyLaser HL532 w/ IR filter 200mW - Fasttech SD-301 120mW - Lazerer LZCS 105mW - Laser 301 custom mod 85mW - various Laser 301's
520nm : [C6] Osram PL520 110mW - SkyLaser HL520 50mW
450nm : [C6] Osram PL450 260mW - Lazerer LZCS 145mW - SkyLaser HL450 95mW - SkyLaser LP450 90mW
405nm : Laser 303 85mW - Laser 301 90mW

Radiant X4 LPM from Illumination Supply

CHEAP BATTERIES CAN KILL YOU - please read this thread to see the truth about UltraFire and other CRAP brands!




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