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    panerai marina automatic
    Hey C,
    happy twentyten, man :)
    Say... long time no hear (or post...) - did you go AWOL on us LPFers?

    Hope not! Drop us all a line...
    tell me if you've got that PM. i don't know why, but the messages don't show up in the outbox.
    Having a problem PMing you. I keep sending PMs but I do not see them in my outbox! If I've sent you a bunch of messages, sorry on my part but it's not telling me that they are sent.

    Anyways, I still haven't received a laser 2-3 weeks after you said you've shipped it. Please get back to me, thanks.
    OK Buddy, I'll get those items to you ASAP, & You already have the funds for it in your Pay Pal Acct. COOL ? Thanks Man,rob
    Hey Buddy, I sent you the $$$ for that BR build, & I'll be sending you the parts out tomorrow. For a driver, I'll be sending you a DR. LAVA V3 Lavadrive, is that OK ? Let me know if it's not BEFORE I ship the items to you PLEASE. Thanks L.I.B. your pal,rob
    Hi LIB, how ya doin' ? I got a question for ya. How much would ya charge me to make me another BR @125mW's, like the last one in that same Romisen RC-A2 Host, if I provided the BR Sled (BRAND NEW) & your choice of drivers (ALSO BRAND NEW), rkcstr or Dr.Lava V3. All you'd need to supply would be the Host, Heatsink, & Labor, I can even include a 14500 Battery, & can you set it for 125 mW's like the last one ? Can you give me a good price like you always do? A not so good now ex-friend of mine, walked off with the BR. from the set, so now the triplets are twins. He swears he didn't take it, but I was showing all three of them to him, (thank GOD those were the ONLY ones I had out) & I walked out of the room to take a leak, & when I came back, only the RED & GREEN ones were left on the table!!! I KNOW it was him, only him & I were in my house at the time it happened!!!! Man, If I didn't have a disabled back, I'd a kicked his A** BUT GOOD! Please let me know ASAP, OK ? your pal, rob
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