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    Optical rail with goodys bid

    Hi folks, if your near Orlando Florida act quickly https://www.ebay.com/itm/282922837314?ul_noapp=true happy bidding, dave
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    can anyone help me to fix my laser?

    Hi, hope Urall are enjoying a great spring on the top half. Mid USA is under new record deluge and it's literally dam stressfull. 2 major Highways are like sluce-gates and DOT road-blocked until crest Tues. maybe. Laser are assembled by skilled craftspeople with special tools. If the...
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    Portable FAP Red

    The PTH08 series is proprietary so no complete schematic available. Never expected Texas Inst. to poorly document it. I like the design but adding a custom adjustable OP amp constant current would take the best skilled 1 or 2 days. I just scored that Coherent 19 fiber to bar assembly on EB...
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    Portable FAP Red

    Hello Mike, Not been able to log in here for years for too many reasons. 1. I looked into adding CC to your PTH08 supply via the tracking pin by adding simple add-on circuit. Difficult because TI Datasheets seems to hide the glue switching chip, incomplete schematic shows no inductor! There...
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    Frustrated Q-switch

    Thanks men for the replies, I knew you would know. I've been very buzy, didn't have any business here. I'd had nothing interesting to post but that's changed now since a bought a holmium YAG rod and 12 sets of crystals and diodes and need to make some great builds. I also have 10 sets of 10x and...
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    Frustrated Q-switch

    Hello folks, I thought this patent had a humorous title. I like the simpleness of it, any open cavity folks here ? Piezo's disk cost pennies and you can use high voltage(+- 150) @zero current to make them bend your mirror mounts etc.. Also, anyone know the U-Tube, Tech Ingredients man? I have...
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    Member Map

    ZIP 63301 St Charles next to St Louis thanks
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    405nm AR glass lenses - fit AixiZ  FEELER

    Re: 405nm AR glass lenses - fit AixiZ  FEELER PullBang, THANK YOU! [smiley=thumbsup.gif] I am not lazy but I have read the whole thread (I think)here and there and I always like it when someone sumerizes things, because it helps me reconcile the facts.  I think you got it all correct. 1/10...
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    405nm AR glass lenses - fit AixiZ  FEELER

    Re: 405nm AR glass lenses - fit AixiZ  FEELER Igor, Are you still offering BR and broadband lens?(two kinds) If so I want 3, BR lenses
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    405nm AR glass lenses - fit AixiZ  FEELER

    Re: 405nm AR glass lenses - fit AixiZ  FEELER Craps! I got 12 DX modules coming in mail, I should have been reading LPF! I'll report DX mod. quality etc here later. I have old ones that are like U mentioned too. I want 3 lenes please. How much are they? (tired of searching post) Thanks Igor...
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    Re: 6x Blu-ray SLEDS GB! GET EM WHILE THEY LAST laserrod, 2 for batch 3. I'll wait for the go :D
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    lasing water

    Jayrob, Buddy you can can get energy out of a magnet, Google Bedini school girl motor. Here how it works: Magnets on a spinning wheel all N pole pass by a tri-fillar coil. 1st coil triggers a transistor to pulse current from 1st battery through the second coil, then, energy is rectified in the...
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    Aliens showing up on OCT 14 08 ?

    They are so smart, they decided not to appear. ;D Please vote on my poll: UFO & etc. in the OTHER threads catagory
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    Witness UFO or something impossible.

    My Mom says told me she saw a saucer on the golf course one morning.  ;D I've seen electronics do wierd stuff many times. I won't go into detail. Something like this example does'nt count to the poll: Once I hooked up a CB antenna to the gutter of my buddys house and I got a continous...
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    Plastic Pumpkin Laser Glow

    Ace82, et al, Ya, I got to finish the allingment jig to set the crystals, optics TEC cooling in a alum sealed head. 2, YVO4 crystals are mirrored f&b to get 1064nm beam. should make a 1W TEM00 beam easy. I'm mounting all crystals on Indium foil against copper on the TEC plate. Hope they are...