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  • Once we are set up I hope you and your lady drop in on us-- ez house to walk in/out== sending map soon ..get well!! len
    I will be there for 6 days
    Hey, just seeing if you're going to be free some time this week to help me measure the output power of the 3W Sanwu, and if we have time, an Optotronics green that I boosted with a Li-ion and dummy. I've been back in the US since Friday, and my family is shipping the Sanwu down to me. Should be here by Wednesday at the latest.
    need help
    selling my like-new RGB5 1W full color >10 hrs use. need the $$ BADLY
    hi Bro-- hope to get your way soon- most likely when the next Neon Paint Party happens there-- these are done by KGB laser out of neworleans and they are holding two PJs for me that i purchased- but ATM i dont have enough $$$ to get them shipped and also do not want to risk damage-

    PM coming
    soon you should go to the 'WELCOME' section and intro yourself to the forum-- you can tell them you know me- and they will still allow you to stay!!!
    For a good idea on an intro post read a few that others have started--
    We like to hear a bit about new members- hobbies- what your goals are concerning lasers- first names are nice to share as well. This forum is a family- complete with asshat cousins- but the majority are good people and we understand how others both pro and con feel about lasers.
    Above all a heavy stress is placed on safe and sane use. I know you will be agreeing with that.. welcome!! hope you enjoy the forums. don't forget to see 'group tools' at LSLF and ROG- click add subscription on the drop down menu and click email notification- get messgs. when something new happens at these groups.
    greetz!!! hak

    that must be you-- SA and Linna as a friend!!

    sending you a few invites--
    laserface?? ha ha== no thanks i will skip getting lasered in MY face--
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