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    Responsibility Please!!

    Just wanted to post this up to just keep in our thoughts that having any powered laser anywhere come with a huge responsibility. The new revised laws in hawaii are still not as extreme as other states but, they could lead to swift action if not cared for. So please, be Akamai and don't ruin it...
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    Aloha, Reintroduction

    Thank you rich! I'm glad to know there are upgrade options that are coupled with repair/maintenance services as well for this older build. I'm gonna explore the forums and catch up on some old news but I definitely will PM you later about the build. Thank you again rich!🤙
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    Aloha, Reintroduction

    Thank you BTguy! And yeah if i was rich, free tickets for everyone lol jkjk! Yeah, well back to Blord, I understand. Life just got busy. I remember when him, Anselmo, Yobresal, DTR all those guys were making these awesome builds! I'm just well, amazed to see how far it's come and how much...
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    Aloha, Reintroduction

    Thank you paul! This forum has never let me down🙌👌
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    Aloha, Reintroduction

    Thank you Len, and lol yeah, I wish everyone could experience the islands out here during these crazy times. We've been watching the weather out in the states and it seems like it's getting hard to get through even a year without some natural disaster happening. hope it gets better! And yes! I...
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    Aloha, Reintroduction

    Hello everyone and good evening! Just wanted to reintroduce myself to the forum for its been many years since iv'e used this site and wanted to reconnect for maintenance purposes on my 501B laser I purchased from Blord a while back. It's nice to see the new build options considering a lot of new...
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    LPF's Religion

    Raptor jesus!!!!! Most times I think religion is like like aggressive expansion and this puts it in its place! Bravo:kewlpics:
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    Kipkay being a douche...

    That is insane!! The things people would spend cash on! Now, If he accidentally burned Elvis's face on it I may reconsider......:wtf:
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    What are some good books you've read?

    M.E.G. by steve alten. And Jurassic Park and Lost world by Michael Crichton. I liked these stories because the different views on evolution and not far from reality bio engineering of organisms and the catastrophic results on foolish human attempts to control what was never meant to be controlled.
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    My wife left me

    Sorry to hear about your hard time bro. I too related to depression through a crappy divorce and had an extremely hard time to deal. Try to keep yourself busy bro. I'll take time but it helps with keeping you sane.
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    Aloha DTR, I have to referred to you by yobresal because he said you could help me with...

    Aloha DTR, I have to referred to you by yobresal because he said you could help me with purchasing a 2w blue laser. I am very interested so please pm me the details if you have any. Mahalos
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    Aloha Everyone!!!

    aw damn, Thank you for the advice. I will make sure to be aware of this in the future. Mahalo's
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    Aloha Everyone!!!

    Thanks for the correction guys, "BLUE" was the correct term. Sorry bout that. We do follow the procedures quite regularly here cause we know how harmful these lasers are. Along with not pointing them at planes, animal etc.... There's just some jokers out there that just ruin it for everyone. And...
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    2.2W Blue/Violet Repair help

    No shit bro, Right on dude! I respect the craftsmanship from yobresal and wouldn't mind doing business with em again. Thanks for the look out dude!
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    Aloha Everyone!!!

    Aloha everyone! my name is jun! I got my first yobresal 445 1 w from this forum and was definitely worth it! The laser was the center of fascination to my daughter and girlfriend who've never seen a UV beam in real life. That was until someone jacked our laser from my car when we were out...