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    Looking for a LPM

    Lol. I’m up in Ohio.
  2. IWLSR5

    Looking for a LPM

    I really didn't want to spend over $150 on one.
  3. IWLSR5

    Looking for a LPM

    Does anyone know if this is a decent LPM. Looking for something fairly accurate without breaking the bank. https://www.laserpointerstore.com/products/pocket-laser-power-meter/ Is this a reputable site?
  4. IWLSR5

    Guide: Where to buy 18650 & 26650 Li-Ion batteries

    Honestly, The cost difference between a local shop and liionwholesale.com is $1. i'd rather spend the $1 extra per cell and just get button top cells. My time is more valuable.
  5. IWLSR5

    Guide: Where to buy 18650 & 26650 Li-Ion batteries

    All the 18650 cells for my vapes and available at local vape shops are all flat tops. I know these hosts need button tops to make contact with the terminal board.
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    I want to buy my first laser pointers

    I would highly recommend getting a pair of Eagle Pair goggles. Avoid the cheap pairs on Ebay and Amazon.
  7. IWLSR5

    Random Pics - Ears and Eggs Collection

    That is like beastiality to the extreme.
  8. IWLSR5

    How to figure out duty cycle

    Since I’m building 2 lasers simultaneously with the same hosts I meant it more as asking if protected cells would fit in the S4X host. I’d hate to buy 6 protected cells and not be able to use them.
  9. IWLSR5

    How to figure out duty cycle

    I know to get button top cells, but the real question is protected or unprotected cells?
  10. IWLSR5

    How to figure out duty cycle

    The S4X host already can hold 2 18650 cells without the extension tube. The S4 is the host that needs the extension.
  11. IWLSR5

    long time lurker, first post

    Welcome to LPF. Lots of great information on here.
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    DIY Portable fogger 18650 powered (picture heavy!)

    This is an awesome project. I would totally be interested in purchasing one from you when it’s done.
  13. IWLSR5

    How to figure out duty cycle

    I’m currently working on two builds and am wondering on how you figure out the duty cycle. The diodes I’m working with are: NUBM4F at 5A NUBM07 at 3.5A Both are going to be in SL S4X hosts with copper heat sinks. Is there a formula for calculation duty cycles or do you just run them until the...
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    Flaminpyros Stuf

    I sent him a PM about a week ago with no response.
  15. IWLSR5

    Open Source boost driver:

    Is there anyway to get more amps out of this little guy?