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    Alaskan --- I know this is an old thread but I have new info. A friend of mine in TX got one similar to this and from the specs, it appears that the "flash" tubes are high pressure CW Krypton tubes with the liquid cooling. They use a three stage power source and are series triggered with the...
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    Remember to exercise those argons!

    When I start mine after a long rest, I let the cathode heat for about 10 to 15 minutes like old radio tubes. HM and I see that I'm a new member :-(
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    Super wide-beam laser

    Diffuse laser is also good for viewing old holograms. HM
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    Need advice for a good glue

    Those UV cure adhesives work well for me. I got my first "sample" from my dentist and now I use some found on the bay. They set up quickly and don't seem to mess up the optics. The seem to hold well but the joint will break clean if needed. HM
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    (A) Mineral phosphorescence

    Minerals like Sodalite and Tugtopite emit orange when excited. Look to contact our member "Daguin" about this. He is a rock hound for these things. He sent me some samples several years ago. HM
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    PLD-40 Fiber coupled laser diode, for CNC cutting/engraving

    RC --- Good info there. A bit pricy for an old fart like me. I get SMA RF connectors and punch the guts out -- then I machine the optical mounts! The RF connectors (about $4 each) make for simple fittings. I'm simply trying to get the right FL combinations to make it happen. I'm good with...
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    PLD-40 Fiber coupled laser diode, for CNC cutting/engraving

    About two years ago, I toasted the SMA output on a FAP800 module. I cut the "snout" back about .20" and carefully polished it with crocus cloth and then optical polish. It looked like new but the burn extended back too far to save it. Chris sold me a new module and I found a Coherent 6" fiber...
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    The worst example of poor laser safety I’ve ever seen!

    Is that bunghole speaking real American English or is he on drugs? Social media is CRAP. HM
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    personality profile

    Just a dumb question here. Who all has access to the personal info which you input for this analysis? HM
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    Portable FAP Red

    What airline has ant problems !!!! LOL So long as not in the pants .... HM
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    Just might not be bad??

    Society and civil lifestyle is mostly gone in the world. Politicians will make laws. HM
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    Portable FAP Red

    Alaskan -- Chris, The bestus flash tube I have found for an SSY is a replacement for a Nikon SB900. The price is right but the specs are as follows: OD 3.61 mm Length 47.6 mm Arc Len 32 mm This is a bit small but should light up most of the rod. The Dia is also small...
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    Killer deal on USB spectrometer! (update: legitimate!)

    STA -- You understand my point. HM
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    Killer deal on USB spectrometer! (update: legitimate!)

    Hey -- I got mine 2 years ago and burned the slit out. They sent me a new slit and I "glued" it in. Mine is calibrated with a 405 and a 638. 532 shows right on. Close enough for hobby use -- I'm happy. For most of us, this is a hobby and the price is right. HM
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    Pole pig and electric service question.

    POLE PIG !!! Our local power company didn't know what I was talking about when the BIG fuse blew up. Love it --- HM