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    DTR G8 lens

    Jordon -- That lens module simply would not go into the heat sink. It acted like it was cross threading. Other lens assemblies fit right in and the G8 lens fit my other heat sinks. I noticed that the lens is farther from the diode in my 2 watt but it has plenty of threads and it works...
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    N2 Pumped Dye Laser

    It's been years for me on N2 lasers - Too Noisy! Great work on your projects. I'm impressed. HM
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    DTR G8 lens

    Jordon -- I got a G8 lens some time back. The lens would not fit your Cu housing for my blue Phaser gun. Today, I put it in a 2W blue pointer and WOW does it make a difference. I will buy another if it fits the Cu heat sink in my Phaser. Can this G8 glass be transferred to a different housing...
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    Need help getting older!

    When I started in electronics, it was vacuum tubes and high voltage. No such thing as transistors, LEDs OR lasers. I believe the maser was first. Mike
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    Calling all FAPpers - FAP800 - precautions and driving advice

    That's why I clamped my TI PS to a voltage which under "normal" conditions would provide 30 Amps for test purposes. If the FAP decided to suddenly draw 85 Amps at a voltage which can provide only 30 Amps, Something went WAY wrong. Mike
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    Calling all FAPpers - FAP800 - precautions and driving advice

    I picked the 50 Amp module so it would be running at 80% at full 40 Amp module rating. Sometime, I may want to try the FAP at rated 40 Amps. It is unlikely a massive module failure could draw 85 Amps and if it did, the FAP was trashed anyway. The other failure would be an external short which...
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    Calling all FAPpers - FAP800 - precautions and driving advice

    Alaskan -- I'll try posting my pix again. The Bottom pix is the FAP with TI driver. The cells are under. The other pix is my schematic for the TI PS. I'm using the Fiber optic cable to blur the dots in the beam. That 50 Amp current supply regulated on the (-) side which might be good since...
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    Calling all FAPpers - FAP800 - precautions and driving advice

    Hey Desert guy! I can't find my schematic I drew up - But - I downloaded pages 3 & 4 of the data sheet. It sorta come back. Remember, this is a "stable voltage" regulator. 1. Pins 4 & 18 set the max voltage output. I forget the module voltage for 40 Watts. 2. Here's the magic ---- Pin 20...
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    Calling all FAPpers - FAP800 - precautions and driving advice

    I'll have to find my schematic I drew up. I thought I sent you a copy of it. I simply followed the data sheet for that. There was a resistor for MAX current and an adjustable pin too as I recall Mike
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    Calling all FAPpers - FAP800 - precautions and driving advice

    I am using the TI PTH08T250 supply. It is rated for 50 Amps but I've limited it to 30 Amp MAX for now. I am using 3 18650-25R cells to light it up but I can regulate the current from 0 to 30 Amps with a small pot. For basic lens testing, I run it just above threshold because my cooling is...
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    Alaskan --- I know this is an old thread but I have new info. A friend of mine in TX got one similar to this and from the specs, it appears that the "flash" tubes are high pressure CW Krypton tubes with the liquid cooling. They use a three stage power source and are series triggered with the...
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    Remember to exercise those argons!

    When I start mine after a long rest, I let the cathode heat for about 10 to 15 minutes like old radio tubes. HM and I see that I'm a new member :-(
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    Super wide-beam laser

    Diffuse laser is also good for viewing old holograms. HM
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    Need advice for a good glue

    Those UV cure adhesives work well for me. I got my first "sample" from my dentist and now I use some found on the bay. They set up quickly and don't seem to mess up the optics. The seem to hold well but the joint will break clean if needed. HM
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    (A) Mineral phosphorescence

    Minerals like Sodalite and Tugtopite emit orange when excited. Look to contact our member "Daguin" about this. He is a rock hound for these things. He sent me some samples several years ago. HM