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  • how juch is it fora kryton groove sent to aus? Also paypal info so i can make payment!
    Hey I would love to purchase whatever Krypton Groove polished GITD you have on hand, any color preferably a blue! send me a PM

    So, you like quadrocopters too! Nice post. Interesting. One of these days I want to get one.

    OK...so I am trying to make my mind up about the diodes.

    Since I have never seen Kryton Groove up close and don't really know its dimensions, i have a practical question for you.

    Is the host really big enough to put connectors in rather than making a soldered connection so I could use two heads with one host?

    Or,is it going to be too tight, am I giving myself an assignment that would be too difficult.

    When you plug in the connectors, bayonet type, its going to take up a bit over an inch, like 2.5 cm...something like that, X 2 of course.

    If you think it is not a good idea...I won't do it...just do a regular build with either of the 462s.
    hey I want the blue one,i come from thaiand i like it. but I'd rather do help guide me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
    Hi Grainde,

    for my lasercutter I need a more powerful laser module (now 150mW).
    Do you sell a blue laser (complete module including diode, housing, driver and heatsink) with about 2W Power?

    Thank you very much and best regards,
    Good afternoon, you still had lasers 2,9 watts 445 nanometers?
    Me 2 complete sets with Batteries and Chargers and goggles interest.
    How many will cost it everything for me at a discount?
    Sending to the USA.
    Yours faithfully, Igor.
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