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    150kW Lasers On Combat Planes

    Thought his was pretty cool. :) US Military to Install Laser Turrets on Combat Airplanes Pew pew!
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    Seasons greetings

    Ooooh! Santa Claus is coming tonight! :D Happy Holidays, everyone.
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    Bow Sight

    Probably not the best idea to be shooting fish... You're going to have problems with both reflection and refraction.
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    FS: GhostDrive2 Linear Drivers $6.99!

    I've gotten a lot of questions about these and haven't been selling them due to personal time constraints, but I'm back! I currently have a very limited supply of these in stock, so if you're in the market for a little linear laser driver pick one up while they last! :) Also, I won't be making...
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    Diodes specs and build compilation threads?

    Hey that's pretty cool. :)
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    Nicholas Cage!

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    The "SXB" Laser Driver 2.1A (Boost)

    Oooooh here and there. :D Actually I got a job that was pretty time intensive, long commute, etc, but all done with that now. I'm back! :beer:
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    Look at Mount Everest in extreme detail.

    lol right on. :D
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    Look at Mount Everest in extreme detail.

    That pic is awesome. I'm an armchair adventurer and wanna be mountain climber. I'm watching the series "Everest: Byond the Limit" right now on Netflix, and its awesome. Check it out if you get a chance. :)
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    DIY Space Flight.

    I love these guys! You can donate on their site. I've almost pulled the trigger a few times now. :)
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    The "SXB" Laser Driver 2.1A (Boost)

    Wow, looks great! Nice job. :)
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    Holiday Project: DRSSTC :D

    That thing is sweet! Well done
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    Nicholas Cage!

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    Holiday Project: DRSSTC :D

    Whoooaa! :D Looks sweet!
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    Best in ear headphones?

    I've had a pair of beat in-ear headphones for a couple of years now, and I'm very happy with them.