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ArcticMyst Security by Avery
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  • Hey, i need ya help .. m making this driver with lm317, in a small kinda good looking host (a torch) Xd ...i emptied the whole thing... i am just curious, it has only a space of 3 AAA Cells Approx 4.5V , can i run the DDL circuit at this much voltage.. or is there any modification i need to do with the driver..
    That will be so nice of you.. well now i know how things work over here, i was.. you can say.. *blank* when i posted about the LD's .. my bad and an innocent mistake.. but now i know when im in rome , i should do as the romans do..
    Thanks for the rep points.. XD SPAM .. not a bad start i must say! Atleast something!
    but then you open up your wallet when trying to buy lunch.............. *shit* $3? what am i supposed to buy with $3? a water bottle lol
    well i got to use it quite a bit today.
    have to say its pretty nice the one i got has a stand which is pretty handy

    i recommend it
    your my freind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL btw picked up the sears DMM i broke down and bought the one with auto-ranging though...heh im a sucker

    i haven't gotten the chance to play with it yet, ill let you know how i like it
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