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    FS: 300mw Small Red Laser

    should be able to put out at least a few hundred mA of current for an hour... guessing the diode will only be run at a few hundred mA. Not sure what could be happening to make the run time so low. Just how much dimmer does it get after a few mins? i'd almost expect 20-50mW drop quickly, but if...
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    FS: 300mw Small Red Laser

    i'd be interested (hence the thread where i want to buy a 300mW red lol) but would like to know a little more. it looks like an 18650 in your vid, but not sure. if an 18650, or really any battery, is only lasting a few mins powering a 300mW red then the battery must either be very bad or theres...
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    WTB ~300mW red

    now that i've got a few wavelengths I need a good red to complete the broad spectrum collection :D the last waterproof style I ordered from o-like came as a new style lol, then the diode went led in a few hours. then they took down the waterproof style from their site. obviously they had no...
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    O-like 1W 445nm

    i'd quite like one set at infinity. dont have to worry about a loose focus that way. only downfall would be burning but thats only really for impressing people lol (unless you have very low standards of entertainment)
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    No longer selling. Mods please delete.

    Re: Argon laser for sale is the colour shown in the photo what it looks like in real life? i have what appears to be exactly the same model, but the colour is more turquoise than cyan. I couldnt even categorise it as being either blue or green, its pretty much right inbetween. someone even...
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    Livilaser = crap! Be warned!

    lol, laser tubes. he probably thought he was selling handheld co2 lasers :crackup:
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    "Laser seared sushi" =D

    you should be careful openly using a laser for anything these days lol :mad: there are some with so little knowledge of science that they thought they could get cancer from smoking a cigarrette I lit for them with the laser (cancer from the laser, not from cigarrette as the source lol)
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    Time Travel

    i think that article is mostly suggesting that time may not exist as literally as we thought it did. however, it still seems that in some sense there must be a time. otherwise, how would something undergo a change of state? theres entropy change, but you need time to explain the entropic rate of...
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    So who likes hot/spicy food?

    cant down tabasco as such, but my tolerance is much higher than most people i know. a very hot curry barely qualifies as eating for me. its more like a fun experiment or challenge :D
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    personality profile

    you need to click on type description hmm im the only architect i've seen so far :( ;)
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    personality profile

    I thought it'd be interesting to see what results people here get from this test. i know most tests are dismissable, and I wasnt sure if this one was great after seeing the attempt to analyse from action rather than motivation questions. Yet, it classified me in a way that explained quite...
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    FS: Stainless Steel 18650 Kit! Polished! Perfect for 445...

    my wires broke a while ago because they were twisted. then the driver leads were too short to use. to sum up, i ended up pulling the driver out lol. i've got my replacement flex drive. im just wondering about its installation. there is a red lead still on the hosts circuit board at the bottom of...
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    Time Travel

    i dont see how its relevance is relevant :thinking:
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    Struck by a green on vacation.

    ah, well it probably doesnt imply what you think it does lol. its just the default response on the megadeth forums for when you're complaining about someone :crackup:
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    Time Travel

    what are you basing this on? cos stephen hawking and most others would directly disagree. its generally agreed that time itself must exist as an independent identity to that of mere cognition. the aforementioned suggestion here is that time doesnt exist, and that things just happen at variable...