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  • Thanks for the awesome pocket tunnel effect laser. I'm having trouble understanding the 2D drawings. Would you be able to explain more or send some photos during the assembly stage? Thank you for any help. Regards. Keith.
    Couldn't find one as awesome as the one you posted :(


    Do you still sell the drivers for the white fusion kits? Thanks!
    hi there.
    quistion...where did you get the 555-timer circuits pwm for the dc motors?
    or is it DIY ?
    i search on google but i think you have the finest one, hi :)

    DP* Just noticed the link in meatballs post! That is what I am looking for!

    Regards rog8811
    Hi FML, long time no see :) I am wanting to build a rgb led 3 axis spinner, was it you who made one some time ago and showed it on LPF?
    I have tried a number of searches but found nothing

    Regards rog8811
    Hey man, they're watching you over at PL.. thought you would want to read this.

    WOW new use for LED
    hey sorry i "intruded" on the thread in the vets section. i just wanted ElektroFreak to be recognized and not forgotten.

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