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    Department of Quantum Electronics and Laser Research Center (VU LRC)

    Today my friend was in lasers research center(Lithuania,Vilnius) and metered hes lasers,I tought that you might be interested,take a look(didn't use img tags because image is quite big) : http://s11.postimg.org/vrq4popb7/20130613_161912.jpg http://s9.postimg.org/cvw5vofkf/20130613_161906.jpg For...
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    LPF History 103 - The First Ban List

    Well in my opinion he should be unbanned.All he did was being honest.He didn't scam,advertsite any other websites or something bad.
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    LPF History 103 - The First Ban List

    Tech junkie 33k rep?What happened?
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    I think that reputation has to be earned not bought and just thinking what I could do to earn it. :undecided:
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    Is it myth,rumor?

    I have more questions, Why?Why blu ray has the most burning power per mw? And which laser will harm you more IF it goes into your eye? 5mW 532nm green or blu ray one(red)?Since green is most visible it should harm eye more?Or since red or blu ray ones will harm one since they can burn eye...
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    Is it myth,rumor?

    Oh,thanks.I searched with wrong words.+REP
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    Is it myth,rumor?

    Well I've heard that red lasers burn better than any other laser that's visible.Is that true?
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    I don't visit anymore here often because of negative reputation.Any ideas how to get back my reputation?
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    [Help] Why can not my laser burn?

    There is one rule on buying lasers at ebay or unknown,not reliable websites - Buying low powered lasers is great(you might even get over spec) ,but never buy high powered lasers from ebay or unknown websites,especially if the price is just funny according to the output power. 532nm 2000mW...
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    Best Fog machine for the money

    tsk that doesn't look like 5mW laser,but i can be wrong.
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    What camera do YOU use?

    I'd go with Nikon D3200,planning to buy it personally too. Nikon | Imaging Products | Nikon D3200
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    Hello! New here!

    There is no copyright symbol for that text.Thanks for -300rep...
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    Best Fog machine for the money

    You can make fog with liquid nitogen + water or dry ice + water too. :)
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    New guy.

    Hello,nice to meet you.I'm not professional or lasers expert,but in my opinion two invisible lasers combined don't make visible.But wait for experts opinion :)
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    Ebay Laser pointers

    Unless you 're pointing into sky.Or non reflective object very far away.