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  • Loved your signature!
    1. Quoting in forums should cost money. There are too many people who blindly quote the immediately preceding post, including already-quoted quotes.
    2. Someone who tells others to "use the Search button" without providing a set of reasonably obvious search terms that actually returns the proper answer within the first results page should get banned for a week.
    hiho hast du erfahrungen mit dem pointer hier ? new style 550mW portable green laser IR filtered£*>250~500mw Portable green laser£*>Laser&lighting products£*>www.0-like.com
    Very nice reply to the man with the Mg, are you real DR. my I ask where you learned your chemestry ? as you my notice I don't know how to spell so bear with me. I learned what I know from pyrotechnic traning and my own desire to learn. I'm a licensed pyrotech and I have worked in the pyro business since 90 when my first gig was Pink Floyd in Vancouver. I've done the rolling stones, reba, brooks & dunn, to many to say here as well as many out door shows. when i have time i build or make pyro devices of all kinds for shows. I have been to many pyro events and heard all the stories about people hurting them selves playing with chemicals, I have unfortunatly seen too many people hurt also as I mentioned in my post. my main training and schooling was electronics thats what I lived on for the first 20 years of my working career. I'm med retired after a pyro accident I had on the space needle I might add. well theres more but you prob heard enough.

    Best Wishes Pyro... aka jeff kamla
    Trying to rally the forum members that are class one in entity and your a good canidate.
    I read some of your post and you seem to be a genuine person... I am a laser hobbist
    and to keep in the hobby I feel as though we are compatible Birds of a feather flock together. Let me know what you think... Josh
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