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    you were not rude- but did head to the free food before saying hello

    also did you search for reviews on the lasers you asked about-
    things are changing so fast these days that prices jump around a lot.
    So some 'stores' will greatly exaggerate the real output-
    ONLY buy a laser that comes with a power graph.

    405/purple is IMO the best for concetrated power- the spot is small and the wavelength is tricky dangerous- to the untrained it looks weak-- BIG MISTAKE
    Two suggestions

    go to your personal profil;e and add Ghent Belgium

    it will appear under your name in all posts
    got to the WELCOME section and read some of the better 'intro' threads others have placed there and you do the same-

    ALSO we need your date of birth in your profile if you expect anyone to sell to you.

    and... how can we have a party if we dont know your Bday??

    The very top threads a in EVERY section need to be at least looked over-

    Knowing more about this forum will save you so problems--

    like coming here for advice w/o saying 'hello my name is??? TY for the nice forum'

    find daguin's thread 'how to get along on this forum' its quite funny and does a great job of explaining in a way that anybody can understand- I will get you a link-- bbl
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