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    DTR - Awesome!!

    Nice! I ordered my self the same one but i don't seem to find a mod big enough for 2x18650. They als are max 120mm Or do i get it wrong? Which one did you use?
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    Best budget highpower laser?

    Great! Thanks mate. What is the difference between a 2 G lens with standard and extended barrel?
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    Best budget highpower laser?

    I would like to build one my self based on the DTR offred "445nm 9mm Diode In V4 Copper Module W/2.4A X-Drive Non Stock Lens" kit for 115$ What do i need more besize a hostkit/ Head sink and two 16850 batteries? Why would i take a 2G Barrel? Whats the difference? And can i just plug and play...
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    Best budget highpower laser?

    Thanks. :bowdown: I check them out.
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    Best budget highpower laser?

    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum and in the laser world. From Ghent Belgium. Its a jungle of laser sellers on the web and its hard to find a good high powerd handheld laser for a correct price. Wicked lasers are way to expencive and i got scamed for 35$ on alibaba for a violet laser that doesn't...