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    review of Rick Trent 520nm 1W kit

    I'm unable to view the images - it say "Please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting"
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    some new pics 1/3/17

    Amazing as always!
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    An Apology for Everyone

    He's 21. He also has the stresses of Univ to adds to the mix.
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    An Apology for Everyone

    I too got the p*rn (c*ck shot and a pre-hormone trans***ual?) from copengagar with a mugshot of Yoshi1988.
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    swamidog makes the BBC

    Well done!
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    An Apology for Everyone

    RIP Sci-Fi lasers - I think it's in a unrecoverable state (unless perhaps he lays his cards on the table, comes up with a plan and executes it perfectly). I feel bad for everyone that has got caught up in this business failure. Eitan you had so many things right - so it's sad to see it end this...
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    Radiant X4: A LPM for the masses at Illumination Supply!

    Would love to know the story behind the latest delays. I imagine something has gone very very wrong - I just hope nobody got hurt (financially or otherwise). Are there still plans to produce the LPM or has the project been canned.
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    TI-B *review ( 2016 )

    Lol. That's funny, but you missed April fools day by 1 day!
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    Awesome Dichroic Glass Artwork YT Video

    Wow, they are stunning. I bet it would cost a lot to own one of those.
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    Radiant X4: A LPM for the masses at Illumination Supply!

    Wow. Will it also make tea? :-)
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    Any other interesting hobbies to share?

    Old thread but better than starting a new hobbies thread... I can only do one real hobby at any one time so lasers is on hold until I've learnt enough about my new hobby: electronics and using Arduino/at* chips... oh but that's on hold too as we decided to keep tropical fish and that's a...
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    No LPM? Not a problem, I got fog!

    At last you can see the beam of those expensive <5mW lasers! :-) Err where did all your lasers go? You only list two in your Sig?!
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    How old are we?

    I'm in the 41-50 bucket.
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    Stupidity at 808nm...

    Yikes, that's a powerful laser! Glad you've still got both eyes...
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    pics 5/1 589nm+593.5nm

    Great stuff, as always!