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  1. Cel

    What happend?

    Besides everything already said, I've also observed the declining trend of forums in general. :thinking: I guess people, besides losing interest in lasers (greens are very popular and cheap, so aren't really a novely anymore), also are getting sucked into other websites like facebook or...
  2. Cel

    My Sharp 503nm Build!

    Nice beamshots, especially the color comparisons! :D I really like these lovely colors. Beautiful hosts, too. :beer: EDIT: have to spread rep first...
  3. Cel

    Burning flashlight

    Lumens are measure of visible light. Invisible light can heat stuff too. Or does it really have to be mainly visible light in your case?
  4. Cel

    Burning flashlight

    Pour petrol onto it. Take a match and light it on fine. You have a burning flashlight. Seriously, flashlight's primary purpose is illuminating stuff. So, visible light. (Exceptions are specialty flashlights, e.g. UV light) To burn stuff, you don't need visible light. So infrared is fine...
  5. Cel

    503nm build with many pics.

    It's nice to see unusual/rare colors! :D I like those comparison shots too. :beer: Would be nice to have spectrograms of various diodes.
  6. Cel

    My 493nm 'Jetlasers Ti-B' Build

    Sweet! :D Lovely color, cool host, nice pics, and good job! EDIT: have to spread the rep first...
  7. Cel

    Hello again......pic heavy

    Very nice. :beer: Can't rep yet, though.
  8. Cel

    Side Button or Rear Clicky

    Actually by having both a side switch and a rear (tailcap) switch, the laser can be operated as if it had only a side or a rear switch by leaving the other switch on the 'on' position. I also like the 'off', 'armed', 'on' sequence, with optional led indicators. Another option would be having 2...
  9. Cel

    Side Button or Rear Clicky

    My PL-E has rear + side switches (and power indicators), and I love it! :D Having both is good for safety.
  10. Cel

    Spider (large pic warning)

    Awesome thread! :D Spiders are cool! And they also kill those pesky flies and mosquitoes. A jumping spider that was in my house: Taking photos was very difficult, the spider was so fast! And jumpy! It can also walk on window glass.
  11. Cel

    What would be more bright?

    If long-distance pointing is desired, then beam divergence and shape should also be taken into account. Color is a matter of personal preference. 450 is kinda purpleish, 465-470 is nice, ligher blue. 520 is essentially definition of green. I myself prefer beam specs over power, as there is...
  12. Cel

    some laser pics from April

    Great pics! :beer: How big are the hematite magnets?
  13. Cel

    Reputation system: meaning & value

    Besides the inflation of the rep system, I would mention Goodhart's law: "When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure." For example, for veteran section it is required to have 1000 posts, regardless of their quality. This kind of encourages quantity over quality, and it is...
  14. Cel

    BobMc's Laser Museum

    Re: BobMc's collection Nice collection! :D I also like the tripods and the clamps.
  15. Cel

    Jetlasers PL-E Mini 520nm 1W review - WARNING: Pic Heavy!

    Nice unit, that green light surely is bright! :beer: Lovely color. I would just add that the pictures should've been resized, they are too large to view.