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    Warning: Do not buy/sell/trade with BlueFushion

    You guys are lol. Anyway... Liverock: That's pretty much what I was planning to do for you. I will of course put together a proper quote if you wish, however, under $1000 was a worst-case guesstimate which I pretty much pulled off the top of my head as contrast to the $1800 you previously...
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    WTB: High Power 40 watts Laser System

    Like I said, CO2 is possibly the worst option. It's hard to work with, totally invisible, and requires specialized and expensive cooling, power, optics and mounting, and the tube itself is large and fragile. However, I can easily sort you out a diode based fiber coupled system to suit your needs...
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    Anyone selling in australia????

    However you being in the U.S. makes it an international crime for both you and the recipient to import any handheld laser device into Australia :P Anyway. Guaranteed working laser? You implying that mine aren't? ;) Seriously though, full warranties offered. damn kids these days, think they...
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    220mW 473nm CNI Module

    and I am still waiting to hear back from you Ben, I've google talked you and emailed you numerous times with no reply. EDIT: Got in touch and the issue is resolved for now :)
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    Anyone selling in australia????

    I specialize in custom builds - anything you can think of, I can get you, provided you've got the budget for it. Contact me via email for specific quotes :)
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    Anyone selling in australia????

    Experienced builder hailing from Adelaide - cgeeky@gmail.com is my email if you guys are interested.
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    WTB: High Power 40 watts Laser System

    I can easily arrange for you to get ~40 watts of solid state laser for well under $1000 USD -- contact me cgeeky@gmail.com if you're interested.
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    Warning: Do not buy/sell/trade with BlueFushion

    Who the HELL had the smart idea that I'm cybob101?! I take offense to that. :P Banana - if you can come on laserchat sometime I'm actually there - hang around for a bit maybe, or try google talk - I need to sort this out with you, and I've an idea how. Everyone else - sorry if you feel I...
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    Sled GB low prices New Sleds!

    Hey Glenn, Still taking orders for GGW sleds? Cheers (and once more, I vanish for years.)
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    laser zippo lighter

    There's better batteries to use: two of these would be far better, giving the option of 7.2v @ 180-200mAh or 3.7v @ 360-400mAh depending on parallel or series. :) just my $.02 and i want one of dem laser lighters. I must has it.
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    Hm. This has been up for ages, and that's all? OK then, i'll be saving for that. :) And then I'll have to catch up on some of the GBs around here... I always wanted a CO2.
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    Hey, I'm back once again. Not much needs to be said about my reputation, what I've left behind and the issues I've had in the past, so I'll keep this brief. I've got $200 or so ready in a few days to send to paypal and start refunding some of my long standing debts, so I need to get an idea of...
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    A blu-ray diode actually turned blue

    Hm. Perhaps hook up a TEC (hot side) and elevate the temperature of a functioning diode, leaving it at 100ma or so see what happens! :P
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    Understanding the Fusion Driver

    Any questions - ask drlava. He provided the initial schematic. The way I understand it, instead of like the LM317 having a 1.7v drop across the sense resistor as its control, this has a 1.25v reference to control it. Adjusting the resistor adjusts how much of this the driver gets, and it thus...
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    LASERGLOW GB & Cleaning Sale OPEN Again!

    Re: GB & Cleaning Sale OPEN Again! I'd like 789 390 scorpius D 808nm 700mW 8050008 S&D 700mw as a build host (for someone buying a laser from me). (So don't flame me.) Although could you ask if he'd consider dropping the price a tad more considering it's not even the right...