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  • Just so happens I got myself a life! Hooray :rolleyes:
    Well, for the summer at least.... I'll be spending it in the french countryside, harvesting food.
    I will have internet maybe once a week.

    Just in case anyone wonders why I stopped spamming the forum.

    I'll be back in July, and then I'll be gone again.
    Hey anselm,

    I saw those pictures already (and several others) with the accidents, it makes me really think twice when ever I use that machine. but the sig is not related to that :p
    what is wrong with me?"Some issue about using the laser pointer" is write by myself !why you said it is "isinformation , spam?"
    hey anselm, great build on the under 60$ project! im attempting to make my first 445nm and had some my setup similar to yours, but im not sure if my driver assembly is appropriate, and safe for my diode,

    i planed to have 2 X 18650's at 2200mah powering a Lm317 driver with only a 1 ohm resistor on it,,,
    i have seen many builds that have capacitors and potentiometers, but im not sure if i need those,,, could you help me out? its greatly appreciated :)
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