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  • Where did you find me to seek revenge from sbd ?! What kind of revenge ?
    I think that we have talked on your thread about the hnk S06J LASER diode, but I don't remember to have insulted sbd.
    I'm investigating what are these diodes. Also, I need NFO on the Chinese lens sold on ebay - which one is good, which is better, whid doesn't worth the $15 they want. That's it.
    We also are trying to create a cheap LPM in a thread here.
    AngelG, I sure would like to find a way to find out you are not USABro, or one of the other multi-banned members who keeps coming back trying to stir up problems within the forum with members they have felt slighted by in the past to seek some silly revenge with. I've watched you post a few times, my guess is you are in the USA, but you have put down an OCONUS location.
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