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    The Nootropics Thread

    Back in the early nineties I first learned about nootropics when I read Smart Drugs Dr. Ward Deen. I met Ward when I became a member of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine. He introduced me to Steve Fowkes Director of the no longer extant Cognitive Enhancement Institute, CERI...
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    Laser Building, Eyesight, Magnification, and Lighting

    OK, guys, forgive me, I have not been around for a while. So here it is. My eyesight is not quite what it was. I never wore glasses. It is now harder for me to see what I am doing with the naked eye. I have tried the stuff you wear on your head but with increased magnification, as you know...
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    Anyone try these batteries

    I am sorry that I was not clear. I have tried all of these and think they are pretty good. Got the 26650 Keepowers for a Convoy L6....the Sony's for an Emisar D4, and the Samsung's for an Astrolux MF01..... The only ones that I have not tried out were the Keepsake 18350s....but testing on...
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    Anyone try these batteries

    I have been using AW IMRs both 18650 and 186350 for awhile now. However, in the service of the other addiction, flashlights, I have come across other, what I think are good chemistries that offer both good capacity and instant amperage capability. Have any of you tried these: Keepower 26650s...
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    The worst example of poor laser safety I’ve ever seen!

    At one time, and I have not kept up with it, the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Test had the question, "how many US Senators are there," in the sub-test which deals with fund of knowledge, which in part reflects intelligence. In 1994 I was living near Nashville and happened to ask a 35 year old...
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    The worst example of poor laser safety I’ve ever seen!

    Actually, the video has some educational value. However, it could be improved by asking him some simple questions. How many US senators are there? Point out Russia on a map. What is the difference between a democracy and a republic? I am sure he would not be able to answer any of these...
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    490nm "Turbine" Build

    Hey, Arcticdude....wild, really wild. Two Questions. 1) What is the host? 2) Where did you get the heat sinck?
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    Tax questions

    Before reading the following post, I would strongly suggest you play the following in the background while you continue reading: Im the taxman.... So, am a hundred grand in educational debt after medical school and residency. It's the nineties and managed care is giving patients nothing and...
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    Affordable Adjustable Lab Laser Diode Power Supply

    I just picked this up several months ago in the 10 amp version with USB and bluetooth support for PC...I love it.
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    Who are the L P F optic experts?

    How are you going to get this into a handheld unit...
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    In search of 22A 4V buck driver.

    22 amps! What are you building, a portable electric chair :eek:
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    Who are the L P F optic experts?

    RCB..Alaskan. I am more interested in creating heat at a distance of from around 15 to 30 feet at most. I am trying to wrap my head around the wheel with the diodes...exactly how to manipulate each module to obtain convergence. Alaskan....do you want this in something that is portable or...
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    New Two Tone 10X Jetlaser BE

    It is the light shining directly on it. BTW, do any of you know how to take it apart?
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    New Two Tone 10X Jetlaser BE

    It was always that way. I am just having some fun. I could not get a rubber lens cover to stay on it so I dipped it in plastidip. Usually, when I want to do this permanently I use their speical primer. However, the shape is such that it will not come off without being pulled. Now the rubber...
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    New Two Tone 10X Jetlaser BE

    Has anyone seen this new 2 tone BE I just received? Not silver. Not black.